Services in the sphere of using real estate and land resources
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About us

The company “Expert Expert M” is an expert in the field of land management, topographic and geodetic services. Our team is experienced certified expert appraisers, land survey engineers and qualified lawyers, ready to address your problems at any time.

Scope of the company

We specialize in:

Carrying out of an expert estimation of cost of objects;
Performance of the whole complex of works on geodesy and land management;
Technical inventory with subsequent issuance of technical certificates, floor plans, plans of land plots and explications of the objects under study;
Execution of a package of documents required for notarization and legalization of various transactions with land;
We carry out the author’s supervision of compliance and successful implementation of the undertaken processes;
We provide consulting and legal support to the company’s clients in solving any issues related to land and real estate.
In our work we are guided by the norms and recommendations of Ukrainian legislation, we use accurate measuring equipment and licensed software, so you can not doubt the exact and reliable result.

Benefits of cooperation

Clients of the company “Service Expert M” are legal entities and individuals, current and future landowners, architects, builders and other persons associated with the real estate and land market. The decision to enter into a cooperation agreement with us is reasonable and profitable for a number of reasons:

Excellent training of specialists, the availability of a modern material and technical base and software and hardware;
The perfect orientation of the company’s experts in the current situation on the land and real estate market, which makes it possible to conduct quick and objective assessment activities;
Flexibility of approach to benchmarks, significance and correlation of criteria for performance of the evaluation;
Excellent orientation in the features and innovations of the legislative framework, established links with various government departments;
Reasonable pricing policy. The cost of our services is fully justified, calculated taking into account the use of modern equipment and labor of qualified specialists.
To place an order for our services, get advice or clarify any remaining technical issues you can by contacting us by phone or by personally arriving at the company’s office in the city of Dnepr, as well as in regional branches – in the city of Nikopol and the town of Apostolovo.